Review: DalShabet (달샤벳) – Be Ambitious (내 다리를 봐) MV

DalShabet is one of those girlgroups with a cute concept that no one really remembers until they start promoting again. Granted that they have a group of dedicated fans, but they aren’t really popular enough to stay in general’s public memory for long. They’re back with their newest release – “Be Ambitious”. In our opinion this song won’t help them in changing their status quo – it’s a very formulaic composition. The attention they managed to get was mostly due to some controversial costume choices. Alas, let’s get down to “Be Ambitious”.


“Be Ambitious” is a very generic song. It’s not really special or innovative, it sounds like countless other girlgroup songs. The beat is not that fast as we have expected and at times it doesn’t match the flow of the vocals. The backtrack is simple and not really interesting and, in our opinion, some of the track’s effects are quite tart and annoying at times. “Be Ambitious” is cohesive as the composition is pretty basic, but we feel that it’s not that catchy of a song. The chorus should have more impact, as it is, the song doesn’t leave any lasting impression whatsoever. The vocals aren’t exceptional or moving, but they’re steady and the girls meet the objective of sounding cute without overdoing it. We didn’t really like the rap part, for us it was quite choppy and awkward. All in all, “Be Ambitious” is a forgettable song that lacks originality and a hit factor.


The dance routine in “Be Ambitious” MV is a standard mix of some easy and sexy moves completed with a dose of cute. The choreo isn’t ambitious – it uses repetitive sequences of moves. Some group transitions look quite neat and interesting – but unfortunately the whole dance heavily relies on hip swaying to develop those good points fully. As the Korean title (내 다리를 봐) states – the song is about DalShabet’s legs and that’s where our attention should be. The director made it easy for us – in a lot of scenes they don’t even show us the girls’ faces, just legs or hips. The sexy hip swaying coupled with the skirt opening is what caused all the excitement. It’s quite a risqué move, but in our opinion it’s not THAT bad. At least DalShabet is being straightforward and this routine matches the song. Aside from that we get to see some cute posing and privates highlighting. “Be Ambitious” routine is static and with some good moments, but as the song itself, it’s just not special enough.


For “Be Ambitious” DalShabet didn’t do a drastic image change. Aside the usual sexy and cute there seems to be no other intended concept for this release. In the MV the girls sport casual girly outfits and two sets of dancing attires – red and white sets of bodysuits with cutouts and a curious skirt flaps that can be unbuttoned. They got flack for the shorts being too short and the opening skirts being too sexually suggestive. In our opinion, they are not wearing anything that kpop groups haven’t worn before and we admit that the skirts can be suggestive – but still DalShabet isn’t crossing the line. They don’t really look elegant, but they don’t look vulgar either.

MV Originality

Honestly, “Be Ambitious” MV is quite a mess. The main storyline seems to be a girl trying to get a guy notice her and do some sexy stuff with her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really look that interested and she gets frustrated, because she’s hot and her legs are pretty after all, how many hints a guy can ignore? The opening sequence is of all DalShabet sitting in the cinema, having a good time, when one of the girls sees a guy she likes. Then we get to see the other girls’ sequences and their own failures to entice their men. The scene we don’t really get and find slightly offensive is about one of DalShabet’s girls as a drill sergeant and two chubby soldiers. We don’t really understand what is she trying to accomplish drilling those two and then flexing her body to tease them. At the end we get to glimpse a sort of a happy ending – the girl at the cinema gets fed up and moves to leave and then the guy finally notices her and stops her from leaving. All is fine again in DalShabet’s world.


The lyrics are told from a frustrated girl’s perspective. She’s in love with a guy that is too gentlemanly for her tastes. She wants him to make a move on her, that’s why she provokes him, but he seems oblivious. The lyrics get a little repetitive towards the end, but they mostly correlate with the dance and the MV. The only problem we have with this release is the title’s translation. The Korean title that translates into “look at my legs” has nothing in common with “Be Ambitious”, even if DalShabet uses that phrase in their lyrics, but in different context than we assumed.

Summing up, “Be Ambitious” isn’t a song with enough potential to become a new kpop summer anthem. It’s a very average release, but the fans would surely like it. We also wish the girls strength to withstand the controversies thrown at them and better luck next time.

Love us or hate us


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