REVIEW: SPICA (스피카) – You Don’t Love Me

The very talented and mostly underrated SPICA is back with a new single and MV. Lee Hyori took an active part during the production of this track. We were promised a new and improved SPICA. Would it be enough to turn the tides and shed some spotlight on this group? We sure hope so. “You don’t love me” is a job well done musically and image wise.


SPICA is a group mad of skilled vocalists. There is not a shadow of doubt that every member can stand her own vocally. What is more, each of the girls has her own distinctive voice and way of singing. Unfortunately, vocal talent and technique wasn’t enough to bring SPICA deserved fame and recognition. Till this day, the girls stay on the periphery of kpop world, their releases passing by without much noise. We hope “You don’t love me” can be their turning point. The song is very well-made and catchy. The retro instrumental track is interesting by itself. It’s funky, with a good rhythm and easy flow between the bridges and choruses. Add the powerful vocals that are standing out clearly and we have “You don’t love me”, a song that surely is an attention grabber.


The dance routine in “You don’t love me” MV is perfectly in synch with the retro vibe of the song.  The girls are swaying and popping their hips to the beat. There are a lot of hand gestures characteristic of dances from the 70’. The choreo isn’t very complicated, but it’s very easy going and fun to watch. Moreover, it’s cohesive with the MV’s image. There are also some parts that stand out from the rest of the routine. The moment in the MV where the girls are shown spreading their legs during the chair dance and then proceeding to stick out their bottoms may seem ill-fitting.  But if we keep in mind the part of the MV where the girls stick out their overstuffed bubble butts we can chance an assumption that it’s all made intentionally to harmlessly poke fun at the sexy concept that is so popular in kpop these days. Besides, in our opinion, even when SPICA spreads their legs and sticks out their butts, they don’t go overboard – they look confident and mature, and what’s the most important, they do it with a smile on their faces.


In correlation with the retro feel of the song SPICA assumed a vintage look in the “You don’t love me” MV. From rocking the bangs and retro hairdos to sporting retro inspired outfits. The clothes the girls wear in the MV are colorful and varied. We think it was a good idea to dress each member in different set of clothes, that way we can see the girls in a variety of dresses, skirts and one piece suits. They look classy and mature. There’s no denying that they are very sexy in each given article of clothing (yes, even with the stuffed bottoms), but they managed to keep it sophisticated. SPICA doesn’t serve the audience with the outright sexualized image. A peek here, a sliver of skin there, even if the members are mostly undressed the camera doesn’t focus on the problematic for a censor places. In “You don’t love me” MV we can fully concentrate on admiring the girls’ stylish beauty without worrying that because of the funky camera work we’d get to see more than we signed up for.


The MV is colorful and eye-pleasing. Aside from the girls dancing in various locations we can see a series of sequences of the girls doing some clichéd sexy poses or actions and failing. It’s all done intentionally. In our opinion it’s a brilliant, but not obtrusive way of laughing off the required “sexy concept”. We have sexy sliding on the stocking that ends in the girl falling on the couch, lip biting and sticking out the tongue, sexy eating that ends up with the girls spitting out the various items from their mouths. The parts where the girl  shaking her butt is poked by her friend and when the other girl sexily throws her laundry on herself are gold. All that and more, acted out in a retro setting, makes a quirky and entertaining MV that is certainly worth watching.


The title of this song is indicating what kind of lyrics we are most likely to hear. Without much surprise, “You don’t love me” is a song of a love gone wrong. Long story short, The girl is in a relationship with a selfish, calculating sob. She reaches her breaking point and tells him to leave, as what he offers her is not love she deserves. As song lyrics go, the story and it’s the execution through the verses aren’t very original nor do they  offer anything worth pondering over.  We can excuse that mishap as it doesn’t hinder us from immensely enjoying the song, but we were expecting something more from Hyori’s rumored writing prowess.

Summing up, SPICA always was a group that strayed from cheap gimmicks and tried to make it in the business on their talent alone. As the previous experience shows, the public wasn’t very keen on such marketing techniques. “You don’t love me” seems like SPICA’s  more public friendly track, but it doesn’t lose the quality and the integrity of the group’s previous releases. We hope that with this song SPICA gains more traction and recognition for the talent they possess.

Love us or hate us


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